Create a Third Party Phone Security profile.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_12_26

Choose the Type Third Party SIP Device (Basic).

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_12_58

Enable Digest Authentication.

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Create a local user account. Set the password and PIN to any value you want. But pay attention to the value you set in User Digest Authentication. This is what you will use for authenticating the SIP phone.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_14_49

Create a SIP phone on CUCM with type Third-party SIP Device (Basic).

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_15_25

Set the MAC address to anything unique. The important fields are:

  • Onwer User ID
  • Device Security Profile
  • Digest User

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_15_57

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_16_15

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_16_35

Add a line to the device.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_17_43

Create a DN 1003 and then configure Device Association.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_18_26

Select the SIP phone and associate it to the end user.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_18_40

Set the primary extension for the end user.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_18_57

Now to the X-Lite phone. Launch it and go to Account settings. Have settings like in the screenshot below:

  • User ID: the phone DN
  • Domain: the CUCM IP address
  • Password: the same as entered in End User page
  • Authorization name: the SIP Digest User account

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_28_05

After you hit OK, X-Lite shows that the account is enabled. At this point, the phone is registered and is ready to make and receive calls.

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_28_37

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_32_55

Let’s dial another DN to see if it works:

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_28_58

register-counterpath-x-lite-softphone-cucm--2016-05-07 18_29_11

The line 1000 on the other phone rings.

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