You can reproduce this topology -and its configuration- for your CCNP Routing&Switching or CCNP Collaboration studies on GNS3.

A lot of CCNP’s like me remember this famous topology from the old BSCI exam. In the new CCNP Routing&Switching syllabus, frame relay has been wiped out.

Frame relay topology

We’re going to use this topology:

frame-relay-gns3--2016-01-04 06_23_10

And the logical topology in terms of frame relay DLCI circuits is the following:

frame-relay-gns3--2016-01-04 06_27_11 PSTN router has three DLCIs:

  • DLCI 401 with HQ router
  • DLCI 402 with BR1 router
  • DLCI 403 with BR2 router

The other routers connect to the frame relay networks as follows:

  • HQ router has DLCI 101
  • BR1 router has DLCI 102
  • BR2 router has DLCI 103

In this topology:

  • Traffic from any router goes through PSTN router before it reaches its final destination. It’s a hub-and-spoke topology; PSTN router is the hub, the remaining routers are the spokes.


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