This error occurs when the CUCM web server no longer responds. It may happen without prior notice and it can be a pain in the a**.

HTTP Status 404 – /ccmadmin/

http status 404 ccmadmin

If you are running CUCM in Vmware and you’ve just installed CUCM, I highly recommend you take a snapshot, because it is possible that you will revert the image back to a previous point.

Otherwise, here are the only options you’ve got:

  1. wait until the web server gets back online
  2. restart the web server from CLI.

I’ll assume you are impatient so you choose option 2 :)

By the way, to display the list of Cisco services in CLI, do a “utils service list” or better “utils service list page”, which allows you to browse the services page by page, by pressing the space bar.

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_15_36

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_16_46

The web server service is called Cisco Tomcat. Sometimes you think Tomcat is started but it is playing tricks in the background. To restart it anyway: “utils service restart Cisco Tomcat”, exactly like that, case sensitive.

http status 404 ccmadmin--2016-06-26 16_19_18

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Lacemi · 10/05/2019 at 11:54

Thanks, I have this problem and Tomcat is started but I dont watch my web interface. I will restart tomcat and now all started.

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