network setting: three phones registered to CUCM

  • CIPC: x1000
  • EyeBeam: x1002
  • X-Lite: x1003

Ad Hoc conference

From CIPC, I make a call to EyeBeam then press the Confrn softkey:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_40_34

I make a second call to X-Lite and press the Confrn softkey:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_40_54

Now all participants are in an audio conference.

To display the conference participants, press the ConfrList softkey

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_41_35

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_41_48

To remove a participant, highlight it and press the Remove softkey

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_42_33

The conference bridge is released and we have a two-leg simple call:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_42_40

MeetMe conference

We configure a MeetMe pattern on CUCM: Call Routing -> MeetMe Number/Pattern

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 15_59_05

CIPC is the first to enter the MeetMe conference; he must press the MeetMe softkey and dial the MeetMe pattern:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 16_07_47

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 16_07_58

On Eyebeam softphone, we dial the MeetMe pattern:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 16_08_08

So he joins the MeetMe conference:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 16_08_29

Also, X-Lite softphone dials the same pattern to join the conference:

cisco-cucm-audio-conference--2016-07-02 16_08_37


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