I have both the Student Guide and the Foundations Guide. I found that the latter contained more details and explanations than the official book that I’ve used, during the training.
Throughout the pages, and after reading some Cisco technical documents on the Internet, I’ve found that the Student Guide contained some mistakes.For example, let’s take Call Survivability.
In the Student Guide, it says that call survivability is maintaining the RTP stream between two IP endpoints when the CUCM fails. However, the foundation Guide and I agree that call survivability involves TDM-to-IP-calls too.

Another exemple: does MGCP support call survivability? the Student Guide says no. Maybe it was supported in a later release, you’ll probably say. Read the following line:
“Media Gateway Control Protocol has supported call survivability (call preservation) since it was introduced on the gateway routers, but H.323 gateways did not support this feature until Cisco IOS 12.4(9T)” , Dennis Hartmann, Network World magazine..

Here’s what the Foundations Guide says:

Now I’ll focus my reading on the Foundations Guide and dump the Student guide.

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