MP-BGP Definitions

  • MP-BGP and iBGP use the same ASN
  • runs on all fabric nodes (leafs and spines) to propagate routing information received from external routes within the fabric.
  • It is optional to configure one spine as a MP-BGP Route Reflector. Ideally configure more than one spine for this role for redundancy purposes.
  • carries endpoint reachability information between pods.

MP-BGP Configuration

Create a BGP Route Reflector Policy

I specify the BGP AS number:

I invoke the Route Reflector Node menu to add at least one route reflector node:

I add the spine as a Route Reflector Node.

OK and Submit.

Create a Pod Policy Group

Go to Fabric -> Fabric Policies -> Pods -> Policy Groups

in BGP Route Reflector Policy, choose the previously created RR policy:

Create a Pod Profile

Go to Pods -> Profiles

We must now add a Pod Selector. We can either include all Pods in the same Pod Selector, or create a range of Pods in a same Pod Selector, or create a one to one mapping between Pods and Pod Selectors (one Pod <-> one Pod Selector):

Associate a Pod Policy Group to the Pod Profile. We leverage in this example the previously created Pod Policy Group df_Pod_PolG:

Displaying the BGP Neighbors

this is performed under Fabric -> Inventory -> Pod -> {select the node} -> Protocols -> BGP -> BGP for VRF-overlay-1

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