Here are my study notes about Cisco AEP in ACI.

Attachable Access Entity Profile AEP: Definitions

  • can be compared to the CLI command “switchport trunk allowed vlan” in traditional switching.
  • is required for attaching external devices and servers to the ACI fabric.
  • links the following ACI constructs together:
  • External devices and servers with similar infrastructure policy requirements should be assigned the same AEP.
  • We can configure AAEP to be attached to:
    • only one domain (1:1 mapping)
    • to some domains, or
    • to all domains.

ACI AEP Configuration

go to Fabric -> Access Policies:


Then click on Policies -> Global -> Attachable Access Entity Profiles.

Right Click and choose Create Attachable Access Entity Profile


type a name and a description for your AEP:


I could add a domain here or skip this step, and I am not meaning a bridge domain, but rather one of the four ACI domain types.


I add the VLAN Pool 

I choose the domain to associate with:


Click Next. Then I choose my Interface Policy Group to which I associate the AEP. I must select All or Specific under Select Interfaces. The Interface Policy Group to be chosen must be already associated with a Leaf Switch Profile, otherwise it won’t appear in the below list:

Last, I click Finish.

Our AEP is now created and is seen under the list of Attachable Access Entity Profiles:


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