VTP notes


In this post, I expose some of my notes about Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) on Cisco gear.


VTP and Pruning

  • VLAN 1 is not eligible for pruning.
  • only VTP server can set “vtp pruning” command. This propagates to VTP clients (only). This way, pruning becomes enabled on VTP clients.
  • you can not add a list of pruning vlans in the same row, like you do in adding allowed vlans:
  • to see which VLANs are eligible to be pruned: show interface {trunk int} switchport:

VTP Modes

  • if there are extended VLANs, you can not be in VTP client or server mode:
  • the opposite: you can not create extended VLANs while in VTP server or client:

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