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Vmware vCloud Hybrid Service

Business Operations
  • Termination:  Vmware deletes all resources and data associated with the customer. However, data is kept for 30 days after the termination date.
  • Suspension and Re-enablement: Vmware suspends all resources associated with the customer, due for example to an infringement of some terms of service. Suspension is maintained until the customer issue is solved.
  • Metered usage: we distinguish here “metered objects”. Metered objects are like excess bandwidth and third-party licenses. Vmware charges the customer on a usage basis, according to the then rates
  • Renewal:
    • manual:the customer is contacted to check whether he still wants to renew the contract. If he wishes to change the Authorized partner associated to his Service ID, he can do so at the term period
    • automatic:the customer has nothing to do to renew the contract. But he can change the renewal method by accessing the portals
    • (termination)

Classes of Service
Cloud service providers offer two types of hybrid clouds:

  • Dedicated Cloud: resources are dedicated to the customer. By resources we mean compute, storage and networking. One or more virtual data centers are available to use by the customer.
  • Virtual Private Cloud: resources are virtual and shared among customers. These latters share a single virtual datacenter. Here the provider must ensure security and resource availability.
Service Objects
The building blocks of a hybrid cloud service are:
– vDC: virtual datacenters
– VMs
– networks
Service Portals
Customers have two portals with which they manage their allocated resources:
– the “MyVmware” portal: to manage licenses
– the ” Console” portal: to manage vCloud features and to link to vCloud Director.
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