TSHOOT exam feedback

Finally, I passed. I feel so happy that two years of discontinuous study and a lot of frustration paid off. I deserve this nice recognition :)

Now, I can tell that it takes a LOT of patience, focus and self confident to pass not only this exam, but the whole track. Why? because many guys fall in the trap of cramming questions in order to become CCNP fast.
I began the CCNP journey in 2009. You see, I only became CCNP in 2011! Some guys may tell me that I was not serious about my studies. But here are my arguments:
– I only have access to L2/L3 switches in production network,
– I did not cut off my leisure activites because I still did not have enough discipline. So I lost considerable amount of time during weekends.
– I had to print study material by myself, since Cisco books are not available in my country, and I had to pay 10% of my salary for each book!
– I used to love to sleep :-) ,
– I don’t deal/haven’t dealt with most of the technologies I learned,
– I feared failure, since the exam costs 35% of my salary. So I mentally delayed studies and exam schedule. By the way, from now on, I’ll schedule my exam date while I’m half in my studies.
– I used to go out with my girlfriend a lot. Then I broke up with her and suffered emotionally,
– Limiting beliefs: I can’t stress that enough. Along the studies, I often wondered “what will I use CCNP for? How am I going to keep it active? what type of jobs could it land me to?”… you ought to work on eliminating them. Trust me, they made me feel depressed and frustrated often times.
– GNS3 crashes a lot :-)

I hope every CCNP wannabe would benefit from the experience.


  1. Thanks for your share! I think this information is helpful for everyone. I’m doing practice GRE in masteryourgre.com . I hope it’s useful for GRE test takers.

  2. GRE won’t be a main topic in TSHOOT. But it makes no harm to learn it deeply :)

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