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Here is all the material I’ve used to study for the exam.

– Cisco BCMSN Command Guide
– Cisco BCMSN student Guide V1 and V2
– Cisco BCMSN Certification Guide 642-812
– Cisco BCMSN Quick Reference Sheets 642-813
– Chris Bryant BCMSN book
– Cisco SWITCH Student Guide V1 and V2
– Cisco CCNP SWITCH Official Certification Exam 642-813
– GNS3
– 3750: for some security features such as IP DHCP snooping, dot1x
– Cisco BCMSN Lab Portfolio
video trainings
– TrainSignal BCMSN
– CBT Nuggets BCMSN
– INE CCNP Bootcamp
other docs
– Cisco.com
– INE articles (esp. MSTP from Petr Lapukhov)
– Cisco Learning Network community
– a lot of patience and courage
– Incantations (yes they DO work, if done properly)
– track down your uninterrupted study time with Excel
– use 25minutes sessions with Egg Timer
– MUST use mind maps! Don’t be lazy, or think they’re a waste of time! It’s totally the opposite, they help you retain information with all their colors and pictures.
I hope this would help the community out there.

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