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Shared Folders Between Host Machine And Virtual Machine In VirtualBox

In this article, we’ll learn about mounting shared folders on a Virtual Box machine, in order to allow sharing of documents between the host machine (your physical machine) and the VirtualBox machine.

I installed a Windows XP machine as a Virtual box. And I need to install Cisco IP Communicator on it. I need to transfer the CIPC files from the host machine to the Virtual Box.

My CIPC files are in the following folder: Z:\CCNA Voice ; Collaboration

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_26_53

I’ll create a shared folder in the Virtual box. To do that, go to the menu bar of the Virtual Box and select Peripherals –> Shared folders -> Shared Folders Settings

Please note that I have a French version of Windows. But the menus are in the same place, whether it’s in French, English or even Mandarin :)

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_19_14

In this menu, we define the folders of the host machine that we want to display as shared folders in the Virtual Box. On the left pane, click on Shared Folders. Then on the right, click on button that says Add New Shared Folders

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_19_28

Type the full path of the folder you want to share. This is the path as it appears on the host machine. You’ll notice that the Folder Name field is filled automatically for you. You can leave the same name or change it.

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_19_53

Also, I prefer to check the three check boxes, in order to make the following settings:

  • read-only shared folder
  • automatic mounting of the folder
  • permanent configuration of the share

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_20_13

I’ve named my shared folder Collab. This is the name of the shared folder that will be displayed in the Virtual Box.

Restart your Virtual Box.

Once restarted, you will see the shared folder in the My Computer window:

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_21_20

And yest it contains the necessary files:

shared-folders-host-virtual-box-2016-02-21 17_21_33

Now you can manipulate the files like any normal Windows shared folder.


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