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Postman Error Messages

Continuing on my previous post logging to Cisco APIC using Postman, you may encounter a couple of error messages.

Postman could not get any response

  • You may encounter a connectivity issue between Postman and Cisco APIC where you see the following error message:
could not get any response
Then there was an error connecting to One troubleshooting step could be to disable SSL verification:



Postman 403 Forbidden

  • Another error message that can appear while you are doing something else with Postman and APIC (such as creating Tenants with API REST calls) is :
Status 403 Forbidden

and in the body you see:

 <error code="403" text="Token was invalid (Error: Token timeout)"/>

then you need to relogin to the APIC to renew the token. You can leverage the requests we created in this blogpost.

Postman 400 Bad Request

This can occur if you have written a wrong attribute in the XML or JSON instruction.

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