Cisco BSCI Exam Preparation

Maybe some folks would know how I prepared for the exam. Here’s what I did: – I first read Cisco Student Guides (vol1 and 2). At first, it seemed like learning chinese. OSPF LSA3,4,5, EIGRP SIA, NSSA :), BGP,.. I ... Read More »

BSCI Exam First Try: Failed

I failed for the BSCI exam and failed. It was harder than I thought. But, trying to being positive, I know now my weak areas: IPv4 to IPv6 migration schemes, multicasting (router config interpretation), OSPF special areas (NSSA,..), LSAs propagation ... Read More »



Here’s the lab. I got a problem running EIGRP after several changes. It seems that no router would establish neighborships anymore. The “debug eigrp packet hello” on HQ router showed that it does not receive hellos out its serial interface.However, ... Read More »

ISDN Simulator

For my CCNP BSCI studies, I needed to have some hands on ISDN technology in order to remember the IOS commands. All simulation software that I worked with (Boson Netsim, Packet Tracer, RouterSim Network Visualizer) were great for CCNA studies. However, ... Read More »