CJNR Ended.

All I can say is that 5 days aren’t enough. Juniper should reconsider the necessary time for the CJNR course. There are lots of knowledge to cover. Labs take a considerable amount of time if you want to assimilate the ... Read More »

Default Routing Policy in Junos


import = receive into routing table export = send to neighbors, or, redistribute (or not).OSPF —— Default import policy: accept all OSPF routes from neighbors Default export policy: advertise all direct routes (including loopback interfaces).Here’s an example to illustrate it. ... Read More »

CJNR Begins

Tomorrow I’ll begin my CJNR training. I’d rather consider it as my “reintegration into the company”. Our instructor will be a JNCIP from Twine Networks. This will be good. Read More »

Networking Olives

I spent a few hours on this issue. And after consulting with a friend, I figured out that I need TAP interfaces, Bridging and fxp logical interfaces. So If I want to have 6 Olives connected in some kind of ... Read More »

Juniper Home Lab


As you know, in order to play with Juniper Junos in a lab, you need to configure instances of Olive. In my home lab, I have configured 6 olives to play with. This is an overkill for JNCIA and JNCIS, ... Read More »

Olive at its Maximum

With my current laptop, the maximum number of Olives I can launch is six. This prevents me from configuring the complete CJNR lab. So I need to setup my own lab, with 6 olives at max. Read More »

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