Cisco BCMSN started

I’m studying the Cisco Student Guide vol1 right now. Here’s the new techniques I ‘m going to use: – keep a sheet of my study time. I’m using an egg timer. During study, there’s no facebook, no msn, no blogging; ... Read More »

Cisco BSCI Exam Preparation

Maybe some folks would know how I prepared for the exam. Here’s what I did: – I first read Cisco Student Guides (vol1 and 2). At first, it seemed like learning chinese. OSPF LSA3,4,5, EIGRP SIA, NSSA :), BGP,.. I ... Read More »

BSCI Exam First Try: Failed

I failed for the BSCI exam and failed. It was harder than I thought. But, trying to being positive, I know now my weak areas: IPv4 to IPv6 migration schemes, multicasting (router config interpretation), OSPF special areas (NSSA,..), LSAs propagation ... Read More »

Final steps on BSCI

I feel that my study time is decreasing. Maybe it’s time to wrap knowledge up, watch CBT Nuggets and have a practice exam. I plan to write the exam on thursday. Read More »

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