Almost Finished BCMSN first review

I have read and practiced almost all subjects. Now I need to review the ones I forgot. Yeah I am conscious that I’ve forgotten many concepts and configuration commands. So I need a second and maybe a third and fourth ... Read More »

MSTP Notes


I configured VLANs, assigned ports to them, configured VTP domain to be the same on both switches, configured trunks, configured MST region with its name, revision number and vlan-to-instance mapping… but I couldn’t see changes when I issue spanning-tree mst ... Read More »

STP Notes


This is the topology I’m using for these notes. Electing a root bridge for a vlan: in my lab, both switches had the same Bridge priority, which was the default 32768 + the Vlan ID number. So the tie was ... Read More »

Etherchannel Notes Pt2


a port channel can be of two types: L2 port channel or L3 port channel. L2 port channel: formed of L2 interfaces. L3 port channel: formed of L3 interfaces. We get a L3 interface by issuing no switchport interface command. ... Read More »

Cisco Port Security Notes


  Here are some notes about Port security: without switchport port-security the feature is not activated. So even if we issue (config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address 0000.05e0.0101, the feature is not there. And any plugged port will be operational: now with switchport ... Read More »

VTP notes


  In this post, I expose some of my notes about Vlan Trunking Protocol (VTP) on Cisco gear.   VTP and Pruning VLAN 1 is not eligible for pruning. only VTP server can set “vtp pruning” command. This propagates to ... Read More »

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