Evernote Tutorial

evernote tutorial

Evernote is my favourite web clipping tool. I use it on both my home computer and office computer. What does Evernote do? Evernote allows you to bookmark your favourite websites into an online store. The beauty of bookmarking sites is ... Read More »

Decimal and Hexadecimal conversions


Every network engineer must know how to convert decimal to hex and hex to decimal. Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion To learn how to convert a decimal number to its hexadecimal format, let’s take an example. Suppose we want to convert ... Read More »

TCP Three-way handshake

In TCP, we talk about two hosts or devices that communicate together. One is the Active opener (the requester) and the other is the Passive opener (usually the server). The three-way handshake is the first step to open a TCP ... Read More »

Understanding The Traceroute Command


Many network engineers use the Traceroute command very often. They need a basic tool to determine a path from node A to node B. So they simply type “traceroute” or “tracert” without really knowning what it is doing in the background. ... Read More »

Connection-Oriented vs Connectionless

Connection-oriented communication= a communication that needs a connection establishment prior to sending any data. Opposite is Connectionless communication. Connection-oriented networks can use circuit switching technologies (eg ATM) or virtual circuit switching technologies (eg Frame Relay and MPLS) Rather than using ... Read More »

TCP/IP layers

With the early adoption of the internet and the variety of protocols and applications emerging, we needed a common model for communication. The Internet model is the oldest model of network communication. It is older than the OSI model created ... Read More »

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