Using Num Exp

Network setting:  x5002— Mongi Shop router — PSTN router — x4002 Effect of Num Exp on an outbound call On Mongi router, I configured num exp to convert 4 to 5. And I configured “debug voip dialpeer” to see which dial ... Read More »

H.323 Dial Peers And SIP Dial Peers


In this article we will play with a couple of dial peer combinations between a source gateway and a destination gateway. Here is the network setting: x5002 — Mongi Shop router — PSTN router — x4002 Playing With Dial Peer ... Read More »

ISDN Protocol Components


This topic is an overview of the ISDN technology components, which are relevant to the Cisco network engineer and network administrators. ISDN is a layer 3 technology that is based on the following protocols: Q.931 LAPD So ISDN is a ... Read More »

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