IT Certification vs College Degree


When you are studying in college and are a couple of years before graduating, you may be thinking a lot about the time you are spending studying for a college degree vs studying for an IT certification. So let’s suppose you ... Read More »

Roger Love’s Vocal Power


Part of being a great network engineer is the ability to speak clearly and confidently. And trust me, you won’t only need it with your peers. You’ll be in meetings, explaining your plan for the next  switch IOS upgrade, defending your ... Read More »

Digital Modulation


In this post, we will talk about digital modulation, some concepts and some popular techniques. As part of the whole digital communication system, digital modulation occurs immediately before the physical transmission of the signal: Digital modulation techniques Digital modulation techniques ... Read More »

Boomy Tokan’s Startup Course

Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business udemy1

In this article I’m going to review an online course on Udemy called “Teri Gault Went from $65 to $10m a Year Business”. The course is authored by Boomy Tokan. The course is aimed towards people who would like to ... Read More »

How to Plan Shutdown of Windows 7


Planning a shutdown of Windows You must have an administrator account. open a command line interface do “shutdown -s -t xxx” where xxx is the number of seconds after which the system will shutdown. Cancel a shutdown Again you need ... Read More »

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