Top Udemy Cisco Training Courses


In this post I’ve gathered the top Udemy courses related to the Cisco CCENT and CCNA. CCNA 2015 200-120 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant Cisco CCNA (200-120): The Complete Course Cisco CCNA IPv4 Tutorial: Everything You Need! Cisco CCNA (200-120) ... Read More »

Spanning Tree Protocol

 Why do we need the Spanning Tree Protocol? It’s easy to connect a bunch of computers to a switch, and connect the switch to its gateway, and you get a full simple network. But then you add another switch and ... Read More »

Multicast Routing Algorithms

In this article I’ll expose the most popular multicast routing algorithms. Flooding Flooding is the most basic multicast routing algorithm. The way it works is as follows: the router receives a multicast packet on interface Int1 if the packet is “seen” ... Read More »

BGP, The Border Gateway Protocol

BGP Introduction Historically, there was EGP. then came BGP. BGP is a popular Exterior Gateway Protocol. It falls under neither the distance vector, nor the link state family; it is a path vector protocol. BGP is a policy-based routing protocol; we ... Read More »

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