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Olive is back

04:20 am: building Olive (once again)
06:15 am: put on heavy metal music
07:52 am: JUNOS is being installed
08:06 am: JUNOS is here :-)
still to do:
– free up some disk space on my desktop
– create Olive lab on Vista
– create many Olives
– set a JNCIA lab with connected Tap interfaces
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  1. hi wassim,ur posts r always intresing and informative…dear i wana to learn juniper routing.can u pls guide me wt type of simulator (like GNS3 in cisco) we use in juniper and any videos like CBT or trainsignal for junos pls send me links to “tokamalpreet@gmail.com”
    thanks dear

  2. Hi,
    First, let me tell you that Juniper stuff is cool. So if you have played with Linux in the past, you’ll enjoy learning JUNOS and its intricate details.
    I heard that GNS3 does emulate JUNOS. However, I didn’t really take the time to learn how to do it. I used to emulate JUNOS by using Olive.
    In a word, Olive is a compilation of software that run JUNOS on a mini FreeBSD. An interesting post to read is the one made by Himawan on his blog http://brokenpipes.blogspot.com/
    Each Olive emulates a router. So to emulate 3 routers, you’ll need 3 Olives, quite simple :-)
    and be patient!

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