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Make Your Route Patterns VIP With The Urgent Priority Feature

An urgent route pattern is a pattern that routes/blocks the call as soon as it matches, even if it’s not the best match.

A special attention is needed when the urgent route pattern overlaps with other route patterns. To understand this concept, let’s suppose we have two route patterns:

  • an urgent route pattern A that matches 6 digits, and
  • a route pattern B that matches all 10 digits.

When we dial the first 6 digits, route pattern A matches them. And since it’s an urgent route pattern, it will tell the call routing component to route the call, incorrectly unfortunately. The innocent route pattern B will wait forever. This is an example of unwanted behaviour with urgent route patterns.

Another place where not to configure urgent patterns is with international numbers. In fact, each country’s number format is different in length. Unless you are configuring the exact pattern of each country you will dial into, do not configure urgent route patterns for international calls.

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