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I spent a few hours on this issue. And after consulting with a friend, I figured out that I need TAP interfaces, Bridging and fxp logical interfaces.
So If I want to have 6 Olives connected in some kind of network, I should have 6 bridged TAP interfaces. The remaining work is to create units under interface fxp0, each unit tagged with a seperate vlan-id.
What if I have Router A connected to Router B and Router C? Router A would have 2 connections. So does it need 2 TAPs?
No. Only one TAP. See TAP interfaces as “pipes”. When bridged, it means routers can communicate. period.

Himawan Nugroho details this issue in one of his blog posts. here

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Nice blog, thanks for sharing all of this info, and all the best for your future studies.


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