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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #7

To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.

Q: Where is the value of services perceived, from both the customers and the end users?
A: at the Service Operation volume

Q: true/false: Continual Service Improvement intervenes after the Service Operation volume
A: false. CSI intervenes across all service lifecycle.

Q: What is the purpose of Service Strategy?
A: – to provide overall guidance for the whole IT service mgmt
– to understand and define the market space (customers),
– Develop the Offering: to define competitive services that respond to the market and to understand the resources, the capabilities and the financial elements that support them
– to develop strategic assets
– to prepare for execution
– to understand how tools and technology can compensate service flaws
– to evaluation situations before making decisions
– to set plans and perspectives for the organization in order to meet business objectives
– allows to prioritize services in alignment with business needs, contains the Service Value Definition process

Q: the output of the Information Security Mgmt process
A: Information Security Policies

Q: purpose of Design Coordination process?
A: – plan the necessary resources and capabilities for new or changing IT services
– be the single point of contact that coordinates between all other Service Design processes
– produce SDPs based on service charters and RFCs
– maintain policies and documents for all design processes

Q: purpose of IT Service Continuity Mgmt?
A: to provide minimum agreed service levels in a timely manner, provide continuity to IT services

Q: Purpose of Change Mgmt
A: – to ensure minimum disruption of services during change, thus minimize business risk, thus better risk management
– to lower the number of unplanned changes
– to plan, control, authorize, assess, test, approve, implement, close and document changes
Рto record changes made to Configuration Items in the Configuration Mgmt System 

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