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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #6

To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.

Q: purpose of Strategic Mgmt?
A: – determine the Patterns of Business Activity PBA throughout the year, taking into account peak and seasonal periods,
– establish User Profiles UP
Q: In Demand Mgmt, how is an overvall pattern defined?
A: by combining PBA and UP
Q: purpose of Financial Mgmt?
A: – to make sure the right cost is mapped to a service
– to obtain the adequate funding for IT services
Q: Activities of Financial Mgmt?
A: Service Provisioning Optimization SPO
Service Investment Analysis SIA,
Demand Modeling,
Service Valuation,
Variable Cost Dynamics VCD
Q: purpose of Business Relationship Mgmt?
A: – to manage the relationship between the customer and the service provider at tactical and strategic levels
– to ensure that service provider understands the customer business needs,
– to reach and increase customer satisfaction, by leading him to pay for the services
– to provide formal processes for complaints and escalation
Q: true/false: Service Transition is not interested in the business side of things; it’s interested in the project level
A: true
Q: How can you summarize the activities of Service Transition?
A: Can be summed up as building, testing and deploying new services:
– ensure the insertion of new or changed services in live environments
– to plan the necessary resources, to build and to test new or changed services, ensuring that they can be managed and operated later
– to provide the necessary training, knowledge and information to put the new or changed services into operation
– to ensure the new or changed service build is repeatable
– to reduce the risk of service disruption by putting a clear framework and a testing&evaluation plan
– to provide metrics and measurements of services that will be measured by Service Operation stage

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