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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #5

To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.
Q: What are the Service Portfolio process activities?
A: Define, Analyze, Approve, Charter
Q: What does the Service Portfolio Mgmt SPM do?
A: – maximizes the ROI of services while managing risks,
– develops business cases of new services
– helps set priorities on services,
– documents all active, retired or in-development processes
– ensures the proper service assets are allocated to meet customer business needs
– matches the business requirements to the services that exist in the Service Portoflio
Q: Define Service Portfolio?
A: the complete set of IT services that the provider has. It contains three parts: Service Pipeline (services in development stage) Service Catalog (live or ready-for-deployment services), Retired Services
Q: Cost classification?
A: Direct vs Indirect costs, Fixed vs Variable costs, Capital vs Operational costs
Q: true/false: in Service Portfolio Mgmt process, if a service is not explicitly approved then it’s disapproved
A: false. Disapproval must be explicit to avoid misconception
Q: What is a known risk management framework in SPM process?
A: Management of Risk MoR
Q: Activities of Demand Mgmt
A: – determine the Patterns of Business Activity PBA throughout the year and establish User Profiles UP,
– work closely with Capacity Mgmt to determine the right service capacity needed for different periods of business,
– influences other Service Strategy processes and the Service Design volume,
– influence the customer demand
Q: Types of Demand Mgmt?
A: Tactical Mgmt and Strategic Mgmt
Q: purpose of Tactical Demand Mgmt?
A: influence the demande to lessen it during peak periods
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