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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #4

To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.

Q: Supporting service vs Enabling service vs Enhancing service?
A: both Enabling and Enhancing Services are Supporting Services, ie they allow tbe Core Service to be provided to customer

Q: true/false:Enabling services are perceived by end customers.
A: false

Q: Service Assets are composed of which components?
A: – capabilities (intangible): , people, management, knowledge, processes, skills,
– resources (tangible):infrastructure, applications, people, finances 

Q: What do Service Assets help produce?
A: services

Q: What’s the relation between Services and Customer Assets?
A: Services are the Assets the Customer uses to achieve his business needs

Q: What are the characteristics of the value of Services?
A: variable over time, depends on the customer (risk taker, risk avoider, his self image, his preferences, his past experiences, his feedback)

Q: Which duality characterizes an IT Service ?
A: Utility vs Warranty. This duality determines the business value of an IT service

Q: Acronym for SWOT analysis and at which stage is it used?
A: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats… SWOT is used by Service Strategy when studying the market

Q: What’s the output of the Service Strategy volume?
A: Service Level Package SLP

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