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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #3

Here is the 3rd part of the ITIL 2011 Foundation flashcards. To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.
Q: true/false: Process Manager and Process Practitioner roles can be assigned to the same person
A: true
Q: true/false: there can be many Process Managers for the same process
A: true
Q: true/false: There are one or more Process owners
A: false. Only one
Q: Roles that can be assigned to a Service?
A: Service Owner, Service Manager
Q: Process vs Activities?
A: a process is a collection of activities
Q: How is the RACI model used?
A: put the activities on the left and the roles in colums. For each combination of “activity-role”, assign the RACI role
Q: Process Owner vs Process Manager vs Process Practitioner
A: P. Owner: ensures that the process is fit for the purpose, P.Manager: is hold accountable for the operational management of the process (including monitoring reports), P.Practitioner: is accountable for the execution of one or more activities of the process
Q: Service Owner?
A: – is responsible -in the eyes of the customer – of the initiation, transition, operations, management, maintenance and support of the service.
– manages the relationship between Service Manager and Process Owners to ensures the service meets business outcomes and is aligned with the Service Strategy
Q: true/false: “Consulted” role involves a one-way communication
A: false. It’s a two-way communication, as opposed to the “Informed” role

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