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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #2

Here is the second part of the ITIL 2011 Foundation flashcards. To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.
Q: What are the functions of Service Operation?
A: Technical Mgmt, Application Mgmt, IT Operations Mgmt, Service Desk
Q: acronym of ELS?
A: EarlyLife Support: it’s the overlap between Service Transition and Service Operation. It assists a new or changed service to be integrated into the live environment until the service can be supported totally by the Service Operation processes
Q: Acronym of SIP?
A: Service Improvement Plan
Q: Acronym of SLP?
A: Service Level Package
Q: Acronym of SDP?
A: Service Design Package
Q: Acronym of SPR?
A: Service Performance Reports
Q: acronym of MassaCRe?
A: a process is Measurable, Creates an outcome for a customer, is triggeRed by an event
Q: What’s the definition of a “function”?
A: Organizational unit composed of people, tools and other resources, that carries one or more processes or activities
Q: RACI model?
A: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
Q: true/false:Each process has an input and an output
A: true
Q: Roles identified for a Process
A: Process Owner, Process Manager, Process Practitioner

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