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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #1

I will be publishing flashcards about ITIL 2011 Foundation, across several posts. I created these sets by myself. They helped me to remember the most important topics and to pass the exam.
To hide the answers (and encourage you to make an effort), I got inspired from a technique that I discovered on Cisco Dreamer’s blog. To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.

Q: Define a Service.
A:A means to create value to customers

Q: What does a service do?
A: A service allows the customer to get an output, without forcing him to own the costs and risks,

Q: true/false: a service is durable
A: False; a service is highly perishable, if not consumed when needed

Q: What’s the impact of the ITSM on an company that uses IT?
A: With ITSM, a company becomes an IT Service Provider, instead of a technology provider

Q: To which type of customers does a service provider provide services to?
A: both internal and external customers

Q: Define ITSM.
A: ITSM: a standardized set of methodological capabilities that allow an organization to provide the highest quality services that create value for customers

Q: What are the processes that make the Service Strategy volume?
A: Service Portfolio Mgmt, Business Relationship Mgmt, Demand Mgmt, Financial Mgmt

Q: What are the processes that make the Service Design volume?
A: Supplier Mgmt, Capacity Mgmt, Availability Mgmt, IT Service Continuity Mgmt, Information Security Mgmt, Design Coordination

Q: What are the processes that make the Service Transition volume?
A: Release & Deployment Mgmt, Service Asset & Configuration Mgmt (SACM), Transition Planning & Support, Knowledge Mgmt, Change Mgmt

Q: What are the processes that make the Service Operation volume?
A: Problem Mgmt, Incident Mgmt, Request Fulfillment, Event Mgmt, Access Mgmt

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