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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #23

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Q: Which areas does Service Automation help in?


  • Modeling and reporting
  • Pattern and trend analysis
  • Service catalog
  • Incident routing, requests
  • Service optimization…

Q: What is the purpose of Business Capacity Mgmt?

A: It is concerned with present and future business needs for capacity.

Q: true/false: all incidents must be logged

A: true; it’s done by the Service Desk.

Q: true/false: a user call to the Service Desk is a sign that there’s an incident.

A: false.

Q: Define “Underpinning Contract”

A: a agreement between the IT provider and a third party (e.g. IT vendor) that helps the provider to provide the service to its customer. It contains responsibilities of both parties and aims at achieving the SLTs of one or more SLAs.

Q: What’s the difference between Service Level Mgmt and Supplier Mgmt, in regards to Underpinning Contracts?

A: Supplier Mgmt is responsible for negotiating, estsablishing Underpinning Contracts while making sure that services meet business needs.

Q: What is the purpose of Service Level Mgmt?

A: checks if the Underpinning Contracts respond to the desired service levels.

Q: True/false: Supplier Mgmt is responsible for managing the risk associated with Underpinning Contracts.

A: false.

Q: Efficiency vs cost-effectiveness?

A: Efficiency is the measure of whether the right amount of resources are used for a process or a service. An efficient process is one that achieves the desired outcome with miminum resources.

Q: Define “Cost Effectiveness”

A: It is the measure of the cost incurred by a process or service to achieve its desired outcome. The lower the cost, the higher the cost-effectiveness.

Q: true/false: Service metrics measure the end-to-end performance of services.

A: true.

Q: Define “Change Proposal”

A: a document that gives a high level description of a new or changed IT service and its impact on business. the Change Proposal is usually presented with Implementation plans, Change schedules and Business Cases.

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