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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #19

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Q: Define Incident Model

A: the steps, tools, processes, resources, timescales, escalation procedures and resolutions that help solve an incident that has appeared and been solved before.

Q: Give an example when the Service Desk may need a non-IT team to fufill a request

A: when the user’s need involves acquiring a new priter, the Service Desk may communicate with the Procurement department.

Q: Define the Request Model

A: the tools, processes, resources and timescales required to fulfill a request that has appeared and been fulfilled before.

Q: true/false:Request Fulfillment can either be automatic or approval-based

A: True.

Q: Problem vs Known Error

A: a problem, once its root cause is determined, becomes a Known Error. The Known Error and its workaround (or permanent fix) is recorded in the KEDB.

Q: What is the purpose of Problem Mgmt?


  • to minimize the impact of an incident that can not be prevented and to eliminate recurring incidents by identifying their root cause through a Root Cause Analysis,
  • to maintain the KEDB with Known Errors

Q: Define the Problem Model

A: the tools, processes, resources, activities, escalations and timescales required to recover a problem.

Q: What happens when the problem leads to a change in the environment?

A: Problem Mgmt process issues a RFC to Change Mgmt.

Q: true/false: only major problems are reviewed to study the success and failure points

A: True.

Q: Which other processes does Access Mgmt communicate with?

A: Information Security Mgmt,.

Q: Which fucntions does Access Mgmt communicate with?

A: Technical Mgmt, Applications Mgmt, IT Operations Mgmt, Service Desk.

Q: What are the structures of Service Desks?

A: central, local, virtual, follow-the-sun.

Q: Which Service Design process does the Service Desk communicate with?

A: Service Level Mgmt.

Q: When Service Desk staff are overwhelmed, what can the company do?

A: reinforce the Service Desk with Super Users.

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