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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #18

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Q: Give some activities of Event Mgmt process?

A: Event Detection, Event filtering, Significance, Event correlation, Event review, Event close.

Q: true/false: an incident is categorized then logged

A: false. It’s logged, then categorized.

Q: What is the purpose of incident categorization?


  • to distinguish incidents from service requests;
  • used for correct escalation;
  • used to match with similar incidents

Q: What are the sources of incidents?

A: web, mail, phone, event.

Q: Define Incident Mgmt

A: focuses on restoring the service to its normal state as soon as possible through solutions or workarounds; is responsible for reducing the time during which the service is disrupted; ensures that service disruption has little or no impact on business; may use KEDB.

Q: true/false: Incident Mgmt tries to understand why the incident happened

A: false. It only deals with solving the incident as quickly as possible.

Q: What is the Relationship between Incident Mgmt and SLA?

A: SLA defines timescales and response targets that should be respected by Incident Management.

Q: When is functional escalation recommended?

A: when the staff needs specialized knowledge.

Q: Why is hierarchic escalation recommended?

A: to inform the supervisor of the incident.

Q: When are both functional and hierarchic escalations needed?

A: when SLA-defined timescales are about to expire.

Q: What are the activities of Incident Mgmt?


  • Incident Identification
  • Incident Logging
  • Incident Categorization
  • Incident Prioritization
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Incident Escalation (if needed)
  • Incident Closure

Q: true/false: after solving an incident, the Service Desk must assign a “closure code” to it.

A: True.

Q: true/false: after solving an incident, a problem record is created and an optional user satisfaction survey may be launched.

A: false; the problem record is created only when needed. And the survey is required.

Q: Which entity is the first contact for Request Fulfillment?

A: Service Desk.


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