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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #17

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Q: What are the roles of Release and Deployment Mgmt?

A: Release and Packaging Mgr, Deployment Mgr,..

Q: What are the Release Options?

A: Big Bang, Phased, Push, Pull, Automated, Manual.

Q: Release Package vs Release Unit?

A: a Release Package contains one or more Release Units. A release unit is a set of software that is released together.

Q: What are the phases of Release and Deployment Mgmt?


  • Release and Deployment Planning, 
  • Release build and test,
  • Deployment/Retirement,
  • Review and Close

Q: true/false: the KMS is updated at each activity of the Release and Deployment Mgmt process

A: false; only after the Review and Close activity; and it’s done by the Release and Deployment Mgr.

Q: Define Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom?


  • data: figures, numbers, charts…it’s quantitative;
  • Information: the facts, what we understand from the data;
  • Knowledge: our analysis, our conclusion based on our experience;
  • Wisdom: our judgement

Q: true/false: The CMS is part of SKMS but the CMDB is not

A: false. Both are part of the SKMS.

Q: What are the Knowledge Mgmt activities?

A: Knowledge Mgmt Strategy, Knowledge Transfer, Building SKMS and Using it.

Q: Which challenges (or balance factors) does the Service Operation process face?

A: Internal vs external view, quality vs cost, responsiveness vs stability, reactiveness vs proactiveness.

Q: What are the possible responses to an event?

A: event logging, automatic response, human intervention, incident, problem, change, alert.

Q: Event vs Alert?

A: an event triggers an alert.

Q: Define Alert

A: information that a specific value has reached a threshold, or a state of a service or a CI has changed.

Q: Define Event Correlation

A: determining if many events are related to each other in some way.

Q: What is the purpose of Event Mgmt?

A: to take note of events, make sens of them and take appropriate action.

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