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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #16

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Q: (Change Mgmt) What is the purpose of the Review activity?

A: to reduce the number of Emergency changes.

Q: Define Change model

A: pre-defines the steps, workflow, procedures, management, escalation for a type of change.

Q: Define the Remediation plan

A: It is invoked when the change fails. It determines the necessary recovery resources and back-out plan.

Q: What should be done when the Remediation plan fails?

A: invoke the ITSC Mgmt process.

Q: How many Remediation plans should be created?

A: one for each Change Model.

Q: Which process uses CMS?

A: all IT service mgmt processes.

Q: What does CMS contain?

A: It controls, manages, stores, represents current and historical data about CIs and their relationships between them.

Q: What are the roles of SACM?

A: Configuration Analyst, CMS/Tools administrator, Assets Manager, Configuration Manager, Librairian.

Q: What does the Configuration model do?

A: It draws the services and the underlying components and relationships that build these services.

Q: true/false: a CI is anything that must provide a service

A: True.

Q: Give examples of CI

A: Problems, Changes, Networks, Applications, Infrastructure, and even people

Q: Define CMS

A: Configuration Mgmt System: a set of tools and information that collect store and present data about all CI of the IT infrastructure and their relationships. The CMS is very useful for Service Assets&Configuration Mgmt.

Q: True/false: CI are categorized in groups that have unique attributes

A: false. It’s CI that are characterized with attributes (name, version,..) and CI can be grouped.

Q: True/false: a CI has a lifecycle status

A: True: live, retired, ….

Q: Who’s in charge of the DML and DS?

A: the Librairian

Q: true/false: immediately after a package has been acquired, it’s implemented in production network

A: false. It’s planned and deployed on a test environment.

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