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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #15

To see the answer, highlight the text after the “A:” letter.


Q: Define DML

A: It is one or more locations that store software Configuration Items in their definitive state. These CI have been tested virus-free, stable and of high quality by check-in procedures. DML also contains licences and software documentation.

Q: true/false: in some cases, a source code can be stored in DML

A: true for source codes like PHP and Java (web banners, logos…) that are produced by the development team itself.

Q: true/false: DML items can be put stored in test environments

A: false. They must be isolated from all environments.

Q: How can CI in DML be used?

A: since they have been tested, they can be used in new releases.

Q: What are the types of Change?

A: standard, normal and emergency.

Q: true/false: it’s possible to leave change documentation after the change has been made

A: true for emergency changes.

Q: true/false: ECAB is an entity completely different from CAB

A: false; it’s attendees are part of CAB.

Q: Which element launches Change Mgmt process?


Q: What are the 7 R’s of change?

A: Raised, Responsible, Resource, Reason, Relationship, Risk, Return.

Q: How is the priority of a change is determined?

A: by estimating the associated urgency and impact.

Q: What is Standard Change?

A: it’s a pre-authorized Change such as schedule server maintenance, batch job…

Q: What is Normal change?

A: It is change that initiates an RFC which is submitted to CAB.

Q: What is Emergency change?

A: time-sensitive change that must be quickly implemented. Emergency changes have high business risk.

Q: Define CAB

A: a group of stakehomders that define high priority changes from given RFCs.

Q: true/false: Suppliers may in some cases assist to CAB meetings as stakeholders

A: true.

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