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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #13

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Q: Purpose of Service Catalog Mgmt?

A: to manage the Service Catalog and ensure consistency of services with business needs; to control and allow only authorized access to the Service Catalog.

Q: Define IT Availability Mgmt Information System

A: AMIS: a collection of tools, data and information gathered to ensure Availability Mgmt.

Q: What is the Availability plan?

A: It ensures current and future business availability needs for IT services in a cost-effective manner.

Q: Define Maintainability

A: the ability of a service or a CI to be restored to its working state. It’s measured with MTRS.

Q: Define Resiliency

A: the amount of time that passes before a service or a CI fails. It’s measured with MTBF or MTBSI.

Q: With which roles does the Availability Manager work?

A: Service Level Manager, IT Operations Manager, Technical Manager, Applications Manager.

Q: What are the characteristics of services in terms of Availability Mgmt?

A: fault tolerance and high availability.

Q: Define the Capacity plan

A: documents current and historic usage of IT service resources and studies future capacity needs of IT services in order to meet business needs.

Q: What are the 3 Sub-processes of Capacity Mgmt?

A: Business Capacity Mgmt, Component Capacity Mgmt, Service Capacity Mgmt.

Q: Define CMIS

A: Capacity Mgmt Information System: stores all data and information about IT service capacity, in addition to the Capacity Plan.

Q: How do we calculate the availability of a service?

A: availability= ((total_nbr_hours – nbr_hours_fail)/total_nbr_hours)*100.

Q: What are the steps to restore a failed service?

A: identify, diagnose, repair, recover, restore.

Q: What is the purpose of Information Security Mgmt?

A: to ensure CIA of services and resources at the agreed levels.

Q: Define ISMS

A: Information Security Mgmt System: set of procedures, tools and resources that ensure the mgmt of Information Security. It is not reduced to IT security only, but encompasses also paper, physical access, etc.

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