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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #12

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Q: What are the types of SLA?


  • customer-SLA: SLA of IT services regarding a single customer,
  • service-SLA: SLA regarding a specific IT service, for all customers,
  • multi-level SLA: combines many levels of SLA such as a combination of “corporate-level SLA, service-level SLA, customer-level SLA”

Q: To which business role can the Service Level Manager be compared?

A: to the Account Manager.

Q: Business service vs Customer-facing service?


  • Business service is a service that’s delivered to the business customer via business units (eg financial operation in a bank). It can sometimes be an almost-all-IT service;
  • the Customer-facing service is an IT service visible by the customer (eg receipt of account transactions through SMS). It contains live and pre-deployed services and its requirements are documented in the Service Catalog.

Q: Define Supporting Services

A: services that are not perceived by the business, but are needed by the provider to provide Customer-facing services. They include both live and pre-deployed services, and their relationship with the Customer-facing services are documented in the Service Catalog.

Q: Define Service Assets

A: Service Assets (aka Assets) are anything at the IT provider disposal that contribute to the service delivery.

Q: What are the three levels of planning and delivery?

A: Tactical, Strategic, Operational

Q: What does the Service Catalog contain?

A: live services and services ready to be deployed.

Q: What are the types of views of the Service Catalog?

A: two-view and three-view Service Catalogs:

  • the two-view Service Catalog lists business and technical services.
  • The three-view Service Catalog lists services per type of customer (eg wholesale services and retail services) in addition to the technical services.

Q: Role of the Service Catalog Manager?

A: Service Catalog Manager has:

  • to maintain the consistency of the Service Catalog;
  • to periodically review transitioning or live services

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