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ITIL 2011 Foundation Flashcards: set #11

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Q: In which stages of the service lifecycle does Service Design intervene?    

A: in all processes of the lifecycle.

Q: What are the 5 aspects of Design?(aka what the IT provider can design)

A: Technology and Architecture, Service solution, Processes, Service Mgmt Information System and Tools, Measurements and Metrics.

Q: True/false: a SDP is produced for each IT service of the Service Design stage.

A: True.

Q: Acronym for SLM?

A: Service Level Mgmt

Q: What are the 4P’s of service design?

A: products, partners, people, processes.

Q: With which process does SLM work?

A: with Business Relationship Mgmt and change Mgmt.

Q: Define Service Level?

A: a measured achievement against Service Level Targets.

Q: Define SLA

A: an agreement between the IT provider and the customer. it defines: the IT service, its associated Service Level Targets and the responsibilities of both the IT provider and the customer.

Q: When a party violates the SLA, what should the other party do?

A: SLA is not intended as a way to hold the other party for ransom. It should be viewed as a goal to be achieved.

Q: Define OLA

A: Operational Level Agreement: an agreement between internal organizations of the same IT company.

Q: Define SLR

A: Service Level Requirement: customer requirements regarding an aspect of the IT service; based on business objectives; used to negotiate SLTs.

Q: What is the purpose of SLM?

A: to provide the agreed service levels between the IT provider and the customer, for all the IT services. It ensures the existence of professional and consistent methods to monitor the service level performance of IT services; to ensure that the underpinning contracts are consistent to business objectives

Q: Define SLM actions?

A: Define, Negotiate, Agree, Deploy, Monitor, Report, Review.

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