Installing A VWIC2 Card On A Cisco IOS Router

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We use VWIC cards for data and voice connectivity with the PSTN. VWIC stands for Voice and WAN Interface Card. This article deals with the version 2 of the VWIC.

Once a VWIC2 card is inserted, we need to tell IOS which type it is and on which slot and sub-slot it is sitting on. Otherwise, it won’t be detected:

install-VWIC2-cisco-ios-router--2016-03-06 13_46_51

This card supports both E1 and T1 trunks. This card will work for either T1 or E1. In this mini lab, we are configuring a E1 trunk.

install-VWIC2-cisco-ios-router--2016-03-06 13_47_38

Before the card is detected with “show inventory”, we need to manually tell IOS on which slot and sub-slot it is sitting on. We should know this information by looking at the router and reading the slots:

install-VWIC2-cisco-ios-router--2016-03-06 13_48_30

To confirm what we have configured:

install-VWIC2-cisco-ios-router--2016-03-06 13_49_23

This is the slot at which the PVDM card is installed. In Cisco IOS, a PVDM is referred to as “voice card”.

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