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How To Deploy A VIrtual Machine In VirtualBox

This post will demonstrate how you can quickly build a Windows XP virtual machine in VirtualBox. You may use this machine to test old Windows features or for Cisco labs.

Download the Windows XP image from this link. This is an official release meant for developers and Internet Explorer testers.

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_37


set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_38_35

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_38_44

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_38_51


Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox software. This is a free virtualization software that is very similar to Vmware. You can download VirtualBox here.

After you install Oracle VM VirtualBox, we need to import the XP virtual machine into it.

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_39_34

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_39_41


set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_39_49

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_40_11

set-virtual-machine-on-Oracle-VM-virtual-box-2016-02-28 11_40_22

After that, you’ll see the new virtual machine on the left pane of the VM VirtualBox software.

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