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How To Create A Microsoft Loopback Adapter In Windows

Here is a method to create a Microsoft loopback network adapter in Windows. This process is tested on Windows 7. I don’t know what it would give for the other versions.

Go to Control Panel –> Device Manager


Right click on your computer name and select Add Legacy Hardware


In the Add Hardware Wizard, click Next:


Select the second radio button that says Install the hardware that I manually select…and click Next:


In the Add Hardware window, select network adapters:


In the left pane called Manufacturers, select Microsoft. In the right pane called Network Adapter, select Microsoft Loopback Adapter:

install-loopback-adapter-windows--2016-01-03 06_31_43

After Windows completes the installation, the loopback adapter appears in the Device Manager window:

install-loopback-adapter-windows--2016-01-03 06_32_06

Here’s a shortcut: another method to launch the Add Hardware Wizard is by doing the command hdwwiz:

install-loopback-adapter-windows--2016-01-03 06_52_13

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