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gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_47_31

In my GNS3 lab work, I often experience issues closing the program. It’s even annoying and sometimes a pain in the ass,

I’ve searched on the Internet for a while. I even thought about switching my whole lab to Linux. This won’t be a good idea for my CIPTV1 studies, because I have IP Blue and X-Lite softphones that only run on Windows. Besides, I have a couple of Virtualbox VMs that I’ve built delicately and whose transition to Linux won’t be easy.

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_47_31

I pinged the localhost IP address to see if I really can reach it:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_24_35

Apparently, I was wrongly accusing GNS3. It seems there is a issue connecting to the I remember from my past college days that network connectivity to must be established to confirm that TCP/IP is correctly installed on the computer. So there must be something with the firewall.

I’m using Comodo Free firewall. Although you may think it’s not that good because it’s free, I find it great and easy to use.

I disabled Comodo firewall:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_53_14

And I pinged once again:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_37_30

Now it works. I now confirm it’s a firewall issue. But I don’t want to disable my firewall altogether. I must create a security rule that allows IP traffic to In Comodo firewall, you create a network zone and allow traffic to it.
Here’s how to do it in the GUI of Comodo firewall:

Defining the network zone for

Go to the main menu and click on Firewall

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_56_23

Go to Network Zones

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_56_57

In the network zone area, click on the bottom arrow:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_58_32

then click on Add

gns3-waiting-for-http- 11_58_36

Click on New Network Zone

gns3-waaiting-for-http- 11_59_58

Type the network zone name. I named it loopback Zone. Click OK

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_00_45

In the menu, select the loopback Zone network zone and click Add –> New Address

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_03_30

Select IPv4 Single Address and define the local loopback address

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_04_50

click OK to commit the changes.

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_05_23

Defining the global rule that allows traffic to

Go to Firewall –> Global Rules

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_07_49

click on the bottom arrow then Add

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_08_26

Allow IP traffic, inbound and outbound. Name the firewall rule by giving it a description. And define the Source Address as “Any Address”:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_09_13

In the “Destination Address” field, set the Type to Network Zone, and the zone to Loopback Zone:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_09_21

In the IP Details field, set the IP Protocol to Any:

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_09_32

Click OK

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_09_41

Click OK to commit changes.

Switch the firewall back on.

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_13_33

If you did a continuous ping earlier and the ping did not fail after you commit the firewall changes, it means you established connectivity to successfully through the firewall.

gns3-waiting-for-http- 12_14_28

Testing the result by opening and closing GNS3

After all the customization made to your firewall, open your GNS3 file and close multiple times. Normally you will no longer encounter the “waiting for” error any more. And my computer no longer freezes when I close GNS3.

Another trick that can reduce your CPU utilization is by changing your hubs with a layer 3 switch. The trick works if you connected more than one device on a single hub.

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sifat · 05/12/2016 at 05:40

Go to Edit>Preference
Then Under server remove the TCP8000 Port and apply settings.
Should be OK, worked for me

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