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GNS3 Project Files

In the past, I had encountered some hard drive issues that led me to transfer my GNS3 project files to a thumbdrive. At first, I did not know what to copy and what to leave. Then I took a look at the project folder itself and counted the files one by one (like a mummy duck counts her baby ducks) so not to lose any of them.

As an example, let’s explore the project named “kbb lab1”.



When we explore the folder, we will find the following files:

  • Configs: this is where your device configurations reside
  • qemu-flash-drives: this one gets saved with each project you make, even if you don’t use Qemu-based images
  • topology: this file has the “.net” extension. It lays out the network topology in a dynagen language.
  • topology(.PNG): this is new. In the older GNS3 versions, I used to make a screenshots of my topologies. Now GNS3 automatically generates one for me. Cool.

That’s all. You have two folders and two files. Each time you want to move your GNS3 project, make sure you have all these files.


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