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GNS3: Not Enough Space On Flash To Store Vlan Database

You have installed GNS3, added a couple of IOS images and built a simple routing topology that includes a Cisco 3725 with an EtherSwitch NM-16ESW module. You start the router. You think about creating a vlan, and surprisingly see the following error:


I had this issue on my GNS3 home lab. I first tried to erase Flash but that showed an error message too:


Second, I changed the NVRAM size in the device configuration menu. This did not solve th eprobme either.


The solution is to change the PCMCIA Disk 0 size:



You see that it is initially set to 0 MB. So I change it to 1 MB:


Then I boot the router. It is now able to add vlans to its database:



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