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The dialplan-pattern command works for both inbound call legs and outbound call legs.

This command is useful when:

  • we have a direct mapping between DID numbers and internal phone DNs
  • the last digits of each DID number equals to the phone DN. For example: DID 5126935002 -> internal phone x5002.

The dialplan-pattern command is available only for SCCP IP phones registered to a CUCME router.

For inbound call legs, the dialplan-pattern command allows to translate a called DID number into a shorter number that matches the ephone-dn.

For outbound call legs, the same command translates the short calling number -which is the internal company number- to a full DID number.

Here is the lab setting in which we are going to test the dialplan-pattern command:

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_22_25

First, we remove all the voice translation rules and voice translation patterns.

Then the configuration of the dialplan-pattern command is done at the Telephony-service level

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_07_23

The dialplan-pattern command generates a POTS dial peer for each internal 4-digit extension.

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_14_51

You can’t see the configuration of these auto-generated dial peers.

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_23_40

Dialplan-pattern effect on inbound call legs

A call from PSTN to 5126935002 is matched at Mongi router to an inbound dial peer, then the auto-generated dial peer is selected as the outbound matched dial peer.

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_26_49

The PSTN call came on the Mongi router. The called number was translated by dialplan-pattern command from 5126935002 to 5002

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_27_01

The Local PSTN phone dialed 5126935002

Dialplan-pattern effect on outbound call legs

Let’s call from an internal extension x5001 to the local PSTN number 512477551. The calling number got translated from x5001 to 5126935001:

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_30_44

An outbound call from Mongi phone x5001 to Bicycle shop Local PSTN number.

dialplan-pattern-example--2016-04-02 14_31_01

A call is received at the PSTN phone from 5126935001, which is a DID number owned by Mongi shop.


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