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A translation pattern can be set in routing mode or in blocking mode.

Let’s try both combinations. Once expanding the pattern 9999 to a PSTN number, and once blocking it.

configuring a routing translation pattern

We configure a translation pattern with the pattern 9999. The translation pattern has a Called Party Transform Mask of 9011442072431810.

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_10_03

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_10_11

Calling 9999 is successful.

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_10_59

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_11_22

configuring a blocking translation pattern

We take the same pattern, and set it to blocking. We can add a custom cause code.

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_13_41

And we try the call again. The line hangs up silently.

Adding a translation pattern that overlaps with a route pattern

Trying to add a translation pattern that overlaps with a route pattern won’t be accepted by CUCM:

cucm-translation-patterns-2016-05-29 17_30_45


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