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Configuring IP Blue VTGO-PC Softphones With CUCM

In this post, I’ll show you how you can have a VTGO-PC softphone installed on your computer and register it to a Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

IP Blue VTGO-PC softphones prerequisites

Here are the prerequisites to configure a VTGO-PC softphone and register it to CUCM:

  • One computer, with one NIC card,
  • a CUCM server up and running,
  • the IP Blue VTGO-PC Multilab software,
  • a LAN connection to CUCM

Here is the topology we’re going to work on:


We have a CUCM server installed on Vmware. The network card in Vmware is set to “bridged” mode. The IP address of the CUCM server is

The VTG-PC softphone will be configured with IP address It will use the physical interface card to get to CUCM and register.

We are going to assume that you:

Installing IP Blue VTG-PC Mullitab Softphone software

Installing the software is a straight-through process. However, you may encounter an error like this:

An error has occurred while applying security settings. Users is not a valid user or group

This may happen if you are using a non-English version of Windows. This is a Windows error message, and what it is trying to tell you is that the group Users is missing.

I has a french version of Windows and I got this error message, altough I had a users group. However, in French, the users group is called “Utilisateurs”.

So what you need to do is:

  • create a group named Users (case sensitive)
  • add your computer account to this group. This step is necessary to have access to the VTGO-PC Multilab folder. Otherwise, you’ll get access denied.


Once VTGO-PC software is installed and if you opted for a shortcut on the desktop, a desktop folder called Multilab is created. It contains eight pre-built instances of the IP Blue softphone:


Figure: 8 pre-built instances of the VTGO-PC softphone

Let’s configure one instance of the VTGO-PC softphone. Double-click on phone instance number 3 from the folder.

ip-blue-vtgo-pc-softphone-cucm-2016-01-02 17_11_42

A softphone launches:


The phone instance number appears on the upper line:

ip-blue-vtgo-pc-softphone-cucm-2016-01-02 17_11_58

Configuring the VTGO-PC softphone

The VTGO-PC softphone is not configured yet. We’re going to assign the following parameters:

  • MAC address
  • TFTP server address
  • Phone type
  • network interface
  • IP address

Access the settings by clicking on the Tools button:


click on Settings


The Settings page opens. We’re going to change the default values. First, we change the IP address of the TFTP server and point it to the IP address of the CUCM server:


Set the MAC address. You can put any hex string, given it is 12-character long, and without any separators:


Choose the phone model. IP Blue VTGO-PC Multilab allows you to choose from a bunch of 79xx phone modelsip-blue-vtgo-pc-softphone-cucm-16I choose the Cisco 7911 phone model:


Set the NIC card that will be used by the softphone to connect to the CUCM server.


Set the IP address of the softphone. The IP address can be left for default so the softphone takes the IP address of the NIC card. Otherwise, you can set it to a different value, given it can reach CUCM:


The softphone is registering to the CUCM server:


Finally, the phone is registered to CUCM and has an extension of 1002:


A good thing about VTGO-PC softphones is, once you tweak all the settings and you close the phone instance, everything is stored. At the next boot of the softphone instance, all the settings are restored.

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