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Configuring Authentication on Kali Linux

We saw earlier how to install TACACS+ on Kali Linux. This post describes the configuration of authentication on Kali Linux.

nano /etc/tacacs+/tac_plus.conf

Define the shared secret used to communicate between the AAA client and the TACACS+ server:

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_00_45

Rtr-1(config)#tacacs-server host key Blabla

Rtr-1(config)#aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local

Define a group

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_02_41

Define a user as part of the group.

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_03_29

Rtr-1#deb tacacs authentication
 TACACS+ authentication debugging is on

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_52_44

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_52_59

authentication-authorization-accounting-kali-linux-2017-07-01 17_53_11

Configuring authorization with the tacacs+ Debian deamon is a pain in the ass. I will step away from it and play with either ACS or ISE.


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