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Cloud Deployment Models

The cloud can be deployed in one of four ways:

  • Private cloud:
    • all the hardware and the software is owned by the organization
    • management and monitoring is the responsibility of the organization (the IT departement)
    • builds on top of traditional virtualization technologies (think vSphere)
    • resources are almost always guaranteed


  •  Community Cloud:
    • the cloud is shared by two or more organizations that have similar technical requirements


  • Public Cloud:
    • is hosted on the provider network
    • resource management and monitoring is the responsibility of the cloud provider
    •  resources are transparently shared by customers
    • providers should allow customers to oversubscribe resources, without impacting other customers’ vDC performance
    • providers should enforce security and prevent unauthorized access between Org vDCs
    • providers allow customer to provision resources for future growth

  • Hybrid Cloud:
    • the cloud is hosted on the company’s site and expands to the cloud provider platform
    • useful for companies that:
      • have unpredictable resource usage platforms or testing applications
      • have bursty applications during pre-holiday periods
    • management is the responsibility of the customer

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