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Annunciator is part of the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service.

 What is the Cisco CUCM annunciator?

It is a media resource that is responsible mainly for playing operator-like audio messages such as “your call can not be completed as dialed” message when you dial an invalid extension. Annunciator is also responsible for playing barge-in tones.

Where is the Cisco annunciator “device”?

Cisco annunciator is not a device. It is rather a software media resource that is installed automatically as soon as you activate the Cisco IPVMS Application service.

To find the list of available annunciators:

  • In the Cisco Unified CM Administration page, go to Media Resources –> Annunciator

  • Click on “find” to list the available annunciators.

  • The list of configured annunciators is displayed. Note that there is an annunciator named “ANN_2”. This is the default annunciator created with the activation of Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service. In the description field, it says “ANN_CUCM”, where “CUCM” corresponds to the hostname of the CUCM server.


Cisco annunciator configuration

Under the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service, we can configure the following settings for the annunciator:

  • Call Count: defines the max number of simultaneous messages played by the annunciator on the server
  • Run flag: a boolean value that defines whether the annunciator is running or not


Under Media Resources –> Annunciator, there is nothing special in the configuration of the annunciator media resource itself. I usually only change the description:


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